Data Recovery

data recovery

I therefore make some assurances:

  • No Data recovery No Fee - If we can not recover your data, you don not pay
  • Free Preliminary Diagnosis - In person, by phone or by email
  • Up front Cost Estimate - No unexpected bills
  • Fast Data Recovery

What to do if Data is lost or Suspect Something is wrong?

The first thing you should do is stop using the computer, card or USB drive. The longer you use it the less likely it is that the data will be recoverable. Contact us immediately for advice.

Common signs of a drive failing are:

  • Clicking Drive
  • Computer Crashes Randomly
  • Slow Running Computer
  • Files Disappearing
  • No Response From External Hard Drive or Card
  • Failed RAID Array

We carry out data recovery for Home users and small businesses. Anyone from the ordinary student who has lost their thesis, to small businesses who have lost a RAID Array may require data recovery. For advanced Data recovery we have teamed up with Dataquest International Ltd - Data Recovery, a data recovery specialist in portsmouth.