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IT Support, IT Services and IT Maintenance

If you fail to take care of your IT maintenance needs then it will cost you business and a have a negative effect on your income.

This is where Lyjoto can help you . Lyjoto delivers IT Support to your needs and all of this

for less then a cup of coffee a day.

Yes you read correctly, for as less as 30p a day. LyJoTo provides the basic IT monitoring needs, to make sure your IT systems are behaving the way you want them to behave. If you need more help then we can offer managed or full IT support services.

IT support is a tool. Not an end by itself. That is why your company processes are at the centre of our solutions. This is commonplace for IT Support. LyJoTo sells no software and hardware.

LyJoTo sells peace of mind. Of course IT Networks and IT Systems are vulnerable during intense daily use. This is No problem. With IT Monitoring and IT Maintenance LyJoTo keeps an eye on things from a distance, and responds before you even notice there is a problem.

we can build the service that you want or need as you feel fit. Have a look through the links on the left to see what services are available