Support Plus

Setting up a complete help desk for your users, (re) installations and virus removal ordering, or provide your own IT team a private dashboard with the status of your systems and a ticket system. We relieve you completely from this burden.

Users helpdesk

Don’t you have anyone in house who initially is able to assist your users, no problem. We are happy to provide the helpdesk for your employees


Hardware or software additions, removals, new machines, no problem. At constant prices, we provide all expansions, installations and upgrades. No whining afterwards, you know exactly where you stand.

2nd line?

You have some IT knowledge and skill yourself but would like someone to fall back on? No problem. Our experienced and certified staff are happy to assist. We can supply them with their own dashboard and ticket system so that their work becomes easier

Internet, VoIP, The Cloud

Also in the field of all the different connections and new opportunities we are at your service. Our broad customer base and experience there are few situations we have not experienced. We also have a number of good contacts with suppliers of a wide range of services. So it would be strange, if we would not be able to provide (or bring you in contact with) a good solution.

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