Besides everything you get with monitoring we do preventive maintenance and keep your systems in top condition. We actively manage your network. You do not have to worry about creating users and such and we solve malfunctions for you, all inclusive

Preventive maintenance

Failure costs money, not only in terms of productivity, but also in the form of annoyances and customers who can not be helped. Through extensive monitoring, we make sure your network systems and servers are in optimum condition, and try to prevent disruptions. Security updates and patches are provided by us, as well as reports on the overall condition of your automation.


Password, a new user, adjusting rights of a trainee? Every time you have to think how does that work again. For us it is a piece of cake. We provide not only the daily activities, but also arrange everything for you with respect to your web mail, take care of your license administration and security of the systems.


If something unexpected happens; in the end, its a computer, and operated by people; then you don’t have to worry about a thing. Remote, or if desired or necessary in your home, we provide a quick solution so your business disruption is as small as possible. And what makes us unique is the unlimited right to our support. So if we do not work properly it costs us money, not You!

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