The professionals of LyJoTo IT Support keep a close eye on your systems: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive automatic notification when something goes wrong or is likely to go wrong. Furthermore, you are provided with a direct link to our helpdesk. And last but not least: if needed or you want us to, we take remote control of your system to fix the problems.

24/7 monitoring

We check your systems 24/7; keeping an eye on the processor(s), hard disk(s), memory, network and status updates.


If the system notices that something goes wrong, we will let you know. Solve the problem yourself? Or do you want LyJoTo IT Support take care of it? The choice is yours.


You have a direct link to our helpdesk. Through e-mail you can contact us directly with your question. We can also help you solve your problems through Remote Support

Computer check

A monitoring contract also includes an annual inspection of your machine. One a year you will receive a statement of your system status, physical condition, the software used, etc.


You can expand your monitoring service with a number of services, such as Anti virus, Anti spam and Backup. We provide you with the necessary licenses, configuration, take care of the updates and monitor the status.

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